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Our company

GlasIT Consulting Corporation was founded in May of 1997 with a mission to provide exceptional consulting services in the implementation of ERPs to the manufacturing industry, with a focus on the optimization of Supply Chain Management (SCM) services.

For the GlasIT associates, optimization of SCM is the key to improving client profitability and eliciting company growth.

With the intention of supporting businesses in effective management of the supply chain, GlasIT implements a specialized development program for its consultants in order to shorten the implementation cycle and reduce consulting costs for the client.

This program has proven successful and today GlasIT boasts a group of consultants that are experts in business processes that guide the implementation of ERP systems with proven methods of vertical solutions. GlasIT adheres to best practices, but at the same time, respects the uniqueness of each individual project.

GLAS has bilingual consultants (Spanish-English) that have experience working in a diverse range of industries and countries including the U.S., Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Trinidad & Tobago.

Simple Solutions in IT is the motto of GLAS, the next solution should be the best solution.



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